First I need to thank my Lord and Savior. He has entrusted me with something that I truly love. Thank you Lord for the greatest gift of your Son. Jesus, Thank you for the life that I have received through your death. For the grace that has been extended to me freely. "I hope to bring honor and glory to Your name in all that I say and do." (Ephesians 2:1-10)

Steve and Nancy Faber- Where do I start? Steve has been my advisor/mentor/and friend. His vast knowledge of the Brown Swiss breed has been an incredible resource. Steve and Nancy had one of the top producing herds in the United States- Faber Swiss Colony. My desire is to one day build a herd of Brown Swiss of exceptional quality like they did. Steve has given freely of his time and resources; he has helped me in every selection I have made; he has the best listening ear around; he allows me to process my thoughts and gives me the positives and negatives to each decision. All my thoughts, dreams, and goals I can share with him. He has always been an encouragement to me. Nancy has been a great help in giving me advice and instruction with my calves. I truly appreciate her patience with me when I ramble about my happenings, but most of all-for sharing her husband with me. I thank you both for supporting me and my family- for making time for my kids and coming to their shows. Words just don't seem to do the job in expressing my most sincere Thank You!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Grant DeBruin- This is where our journey began. We purchased Fendi, our first Brown Swiss, from Grant at the Mill Wheel Sale. He's always treated us like family. Thanks for taking care of the new kids on the block!

Lastly, I'd like to thank my mom and dad. Thanks Dad, for providing the opportunity to be involved in this industry. For your conservative approach, and teaching me to evaluate every situation and potential outcome. Who would have thought a trip to Pete Vanderham's back in high school and the purchase of a heifer out of a new bull named Jade would leave such an impression. Mom, thanks for sharing your love for cows, and for all the time you invested in learning and teaching me back in the early years. I'm enjoying being able to pass along all you taught me to the girls; Your continued involvement and help means more to me than you know.